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You Can Now Use Your Sony Camera as a Webcam

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Catching up with Canon and Fujifilm, Sony users running Windows can now use their cameras as webcams thanks to an update to the Imaging Edge software.

Various workarounds have previously been engineered to try and convince Sony cameras to play nicely with software such as Zoom and Skype. Earlier this year, Canon led the way in showing how camera manufacturers can address customers’ needs, closely followed by Fujifilm. Nikon caught up earlier this month and now Sony has followed suit.

The list of cameras that can be used is quite extensive and it seems to include the majority of E-mount cameras. Three A-mount cameras are listed, as are 16 of Sony’s DSC cameras, including the recently announced Sony ZV-1. You can find the complete list of cameras from the download page on Sony’s website. Instructions can be found here.

Mac users will be frustrated but an macOS version will almost certainly be arriving shortly, and it’s not unusual for camera manufacturers to lead with Windows software first.

Previous workarounds included camera-connecting dongles, many of which are quite expensive and have also been hard to get hold of at times during the global pandemic.

Are you excited to start using your Sony camera as a webcam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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