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In this video, I talk about my rejection rate for jobs and my ethos on pricing and price matching. I also go over a real-life quote that I sent off and got rejected for and give a breakdown as to why this happened.

When you are in full-time employment, unless you work on a sales team, you may well be completely unaware of how many times your company gets rejected for new jobs, and you will continue to plug away at your workload without any additional stress. Once you become a professional photographer, you have sight of the entire company, and it can be terrifying for those of us who were blissfully unaware before.

We also find that on social media, photographers talk about the jobs that they get, not the jobs that they get rejected for, and boy, do we get rejected for a lot of jobs. In this video, I give a full breakdown of the number of quote requests I get, the number of rejections and/or times where I am completely ignored, as well as my success rate. I then go on to break down a real quote that I sent out that I got rejected for and talk about why I think I got rejected and why I decided not to price-match.

I think that this ethos for photography business can be scaled up and down depending on where you are in your career currently, and it can certainly help make sure that you don’t end up being busy for the sake of it without making real money.

How do you deal with quotes and price-matching?


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