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Why Gear Addiction Doesn’t Make You a Better Photographer

One of the many traps photographers can fall into when seeking to grow in their craft is “gear acquisition syndrome” (GAS) or “gear lust”. Wedding photographer Taylor Jackson made this entertaining 7-minute video explaining why gear addition isn’t the path toward success in photography.

Jackson imagines a conversation in which he tells the 2007 version of himself to avoid the temptation of continually pouring money into the latest and greatest cameras and lenses. Jackson then shows how a $200 DSLR kit from 2007 (a Nikon D300 and 35mm lens that each cost around $100 used these days) can still be used to create sellable work that’s fit for a professional photographer’s portfolio.

Here are some of the resulting photos Jackson shot using the old kit:

“I think the reason we’re all addicted is because of the unknown,” Jackson says. “We’re looking for that quick skill gain. To rapidly accelerate our skills in photography, and from that, our recognition in the industry, and also to make more money.

“The more direct way to skills, recognition and money is by doing more work. Challenging yourself to get out there, and create something worth creating.

“You can do that with the gear you already have. Don’t use expensive new lenses as motivation to get out there.”

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