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Which Brand Has the Best Eye Autofocus: Canon, Sony, or Nikon?

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No doubt, one of the most useful advancements mirrorless cameras have brought is eye autofocus, and in the past couple years, the technology has seen some major improvements. Now that Canon, Nikon, and Sony all have advanced mirrorless cameras, it is time to reevaluate just how good each brand’s version is, and this helpful video does just that.

Coming to you from Jared Polin, this great video takes a look at the latest eye autofocus capabilities in the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, and Nikon Z 7. Up until last year, Sony was pretty much the undisputed champion of the technology, but Canon and Nikon have made some major steps forward in the past year, and Canon in particular is highly impressive, even possibly pulling past Sony. No doubt, eye autofocus is incredibly useful and can make your life as a wedding or portrait photographer much easier, and what is even more impressive is how it can now be used for continuous tracking in addition to single-shot scenarios, helping you to bring home more keepers and freeing you up to focus your attention on other things while shooting. Check out the video above to see how each camera performed in the tests.


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