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This Guy Put a GoPro Inside a Car Tire to See What it Looks Like While Driving

What does the inside of a car tire look like while it’s being driven on? That strange question was just answered by engineer Matt Mikka of Warped Perception, who mounted a GoPro inside a tire and then took it for a spin.

In the 9-minute video above, created in response to a viewer request, Mikka spends the first 4 minutes showing how he got the camera set up in the tire before showing the results of the experiment starting at 04:05.

“One of the main reasons I came to YouTube in the first place ways to open up people’s minds on how things work by pushing all sorts of stuff to its limit and filming it in a way that allows us to see things we normally cannot see,” Mikka says. “So when I got the viewer’s request to mount a GoPro inside of a tire and drive the car around I was all in. And it was absolutely perfect timing because I was just about to change the tires on my car.”

With the camera fixed inside the tire, Mikka drove the car at different speeds and on different roads, in straight lines and with turns. And to cap it all off, Mikka ended by showing what the inside of a tire looks like as it’s being deflated.

“It was a really interesting and awesome perspective to see what the tire is going through as we’re driving our car,” Mikka writes.

We previously featured Mikka’s experiments with showing the inside of a model rocket igniting and popcorn exploding when captured at 30000fps.

(via Warped Perception via Laughing Squid)

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