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The Myth of Manual Mode Photography

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It is a fairly commonly perpetuated myth that professional photographers only ever shoot in manual mode, but you might be surprised by just how often even top shooters use semi-automatic modes. This great video discusses the myth of always using manual mode and why it can work against you.

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this excellent video discusses the myth of always shooting in manual mode and why it can be detrimental to your work. No doubt, manual mode is a fantastic tool for taking full control of your photos, but that being said, it is not always the right choice. The important thing to remember is that your camera can make exposure calculations and adjustments faster than your brain and fingers, and in cases where every millisecond matters, this can be the difference between getting or missing the shot. For example, when shooting baseball games, I certainly do not have the time to adjust my exposure as the ball flies between light and shadows, so instead, I set my shutter speed and aperture myself and leave ISO set to auto. It is just one of many situations in which using a semi-automatic mode can be really useful. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ranft.


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