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The Fujifilm 50mm f/2 Is a Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

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The nifty fifty is a staple of photography and has been for decades. Fujifilm’s version for the APS-C X-Mount might be one of the best, and at a reasonable price.

I’ve cast aspersions at the 50mm for being somewhat a half measure in focal length. However, this 50mm is for Fujifilm’s APS-C mount, meaning its effective focal length is the equivalent to 76mm on a full frame sensor; much better!

The lens has a lot of perks to it, but one of the standout for me is its size and weight which make it a staple of any owner’s kit bag by virtue of there being little point not stuffing it into a nook. Also, and this is crucial, if you get it in silver rather than black, it’s beautiful!

In this video, photographer Roman Fox gives his review of it while using it for some street photography. It performs excellently, and its aforementioned weight and size in combination with its price of $449.95 which isn’t too steep, makes it a great candidate for a Fuji shooters next purchase.

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A few from the latest video now up on YouTube! Link in bio. Also working my way through all the comments and DMs… hold tight ?

Do you own one of these? What are your experiences?

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