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The 4K Sony Showdown: a7S III Versus FX9 Versus ZV-1

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Sony now has multiple, strong options if you’re a videographer, new or professional. In practical terms, how do they stack up though?

The differences between these three cameras are plentiful, though many of them largely irrelevant. One that is instantly obvious, however, is the price point. The Sony FX9 is $10,998 for body only, the new a7S III is $3,498 for body only, and the ZV-1 is $748 for body only.

There has been a lot of excitement around the newly announced a7S III, and rightfully so — it’s brilliant. It is a touch expensive, which limits its application with consumers and prosumers, but it’s undeniably and incredible camera for videographers. What I found most interesting about Potato Jet’s video, however, is a point he makes near the end: all three cameras are reasonably close in results. As you ramp up through the price points, you obviously gain a lot more control, there is quality improvement, and a number of extra features. But if you simply want to shoot 4K videos, the ZV-1 isn’t bad. In fact, if you’re to look at it from a financial standpoint only, what the ZV-1 offers you is incredible when you consider it’s just 6.8% if the price of the FX9!

For most videographers, the a7S III is going to be the best middle ground, but I come away from this video more impressed at how narrow the gap is becoming between cameras aimed at the masses, and cameras aimed at small production teams. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a videographer.

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