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Spectacular Views of Comet Neowise (10 photos)

For the next month, comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE, otherwise known simply as “Neowise,” will be visible in the night sky above much of the northern hemisphere. The comet will be at its brightest this week, dimming as it moves away from the sun. If you have clear skies, head outside about an hour after sunset and look near the horizon to the northwest. For the next week or so, if it’s dark enough, Neowise might be visible to the naked eye, but you may need binoculars to see it well. The images in these photos below are made with long exposures, so may appear stronger than what you’d see with your own eyes, but it’s still worth a look—this is the brightest comet we’ve seen in 23 years, and after this, Neowise won’t be back for another 6,800 years.

Comet Neowise is seen behind an Orthodox church in Belarus, 110 kilometers (69 miles) west of Minsk, early on July 14, 2020.

Sergei Grits / AP)

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