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Sony a7S III Versus Canon R5: Which Camera Footage Looks Better?

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Videographers should be feeling pretty spoiled at the moment with the camera announcements we’ve had in the last few months. Two of the most exciting will split the population, but in a side-by-side comparison, which looks better to you?

I’m first going to caveat this by saying this isn’t the fairest test. I considered whether it was even worth sharing at first, but I do believe it still has some value and interest. The reason for my hesitation is that Matti Haapoja is comparing the Sony a7S III‘s 4K footage, with the Canon R5‘s 8K footage; this undermines the test in a lot of ways.

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I’ve been using the long awaited Sony A7S III for the past couple days and wow….. it’s incredible! 4k 120 and 240 in HD ? So fun to use and the image is crazy good. Can’t believe we’re getting all these cameras right now. First look and footage in the new video! Review coming soon so lemme know if you got questions ??

However, I still found myself interested in the colors and “look” of the footage from both cameras anyway. Presuming the colors — and for the most part the dynamic range — is the same or thereabouts for the R5 between 8K and 4K, it certainly yields different results to the a7S III. The R5 appears to give more true-to-life footage, where as the a7S III looks to my eye to be attempting to achieve better looking footage straight out of the camera. Some people still claim that Sony cameras have a green tinge to the colors which may be true, though I think in this comparison that might be simply because the Canon’s colors are warmer.

What do you think? As a videographer, which camera are you drawn to?


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