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Searching for Canada’s Sea Wolf: A Wildlife Photography Expedition

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Along the western coast of Canada lives a unique population of wolves unlike anything found inland. This behind-the-scenes video shows the dedication toward photographing the rare sea wolf of British Columbia.

In August 2019, wildlife conservation photographer John E. Marriott and a small crew of photographers traveled to the isolated coastline of British Columbia in search of something special. The wolves in this area are unique in that they have embraced and adapted to the coastal beaches and small islands as their home. For wildlife photography, this opens up opportunity for a distinctive seaside backdrop compared to the inland wolves we often see dashing through the woods or in an expansive landscape.

This expedition spent eight days before getting a single encounter with a black wolf roaming the beach near the group of photographers. Some may say that their luck finally changed that day, but any wildlife photographer knows that you can’t get lucky if you don’t put in the time to be there when it happens. In any case, eight days of waiting in exchange for a wonderful series of rare wolf photos is an absolute steal of deal in my eyes.

Check out the video for additional perspective from a conservation photographer on what can be done to help protect the last sea wolves.

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