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Samyang kicks off their Mk2 VDSLR Cine Lens range with 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T1.5 lenses

Samyang has announced an update to its compact cine lens range with the new VDSLR Mk2 series lenses. To start the new series, Samyang has focused on four of the most popular and most used focal lengths at 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, and each of them has a fast maximum T1.5 aperture. A fifth 14mm T3.1 lens will be added in Q1 2021.

The VDSLR line from Samyang was first launched 2014 and has proven to be quite popular for its balance of quality, price and performance. Samyang says they’ve learned a lot in that time and the Mk2 generation features “useful new features” and they’re available in seven different mounts (including Sony E and Canon RF).

The new lenses come with a new and consistent design. They’re lightweight but weather-sealed, with distance scales that can be read from both sides to help focus pullers, Rather than making this a huge post with a bunch of individual specs charts for each, here’s a comparison table for all four of them side-by-side.

VDSLR 24mm T1.5 VDSLR 35mm T1.5 VDSLR 50mm T1.5 VDSLR 85mm T1.5
Focal Length 24mm 35mm 50mm 85mm
Max transmission T1.5 T1.5 T1.5 T1.5
Format Full-Frame Full-Frame Full-Frame Full-Frame
Optics 13 elements in 12 groups 12 elements in 10 groups 9 elements in 6 groups 9 elements in 7 groups
Angle of view 84.1? FF / 65.3? S35 / 61.3? 1.5x APS-C / 47.6? MFT 63.1? FF / 47.1? S35 / 43.9? 1.5x APS-C / 33.4? MFT 46.2? FF / 33.7? S35 / 31.3? 1.5x APS-C / 23.6? MFT 28.4? FF / 20.6? S35 / 19.1? 1.5x APS-C / 14.4? MFT
Min focus distance 0.25m 0.3m 0.45m 1.1m
Filter diameter 77mm 77mm 77mm 77mm
Diaphragm blades 9 9 9 9
Focus throw 139? 146? 150? 140?
Aperture throw 48? 48? 48? 48?
Weather sealing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mounts Canon EF, Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon F, Canon EF-M, Fuji X, MFT Canon EF, Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon F, Canon EF-M, Fuji X, MFT Canon EF, Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon F, Canon EF-M, Fuji X, MFT Canon EF, Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon F, Canon EF-M, Fuji X, MFT
Weight 587.0-662.6g 723.8-802.8g 514.8-590.6g 549.2-626.4g

The “Mk2” models do appear to be different from the currently available “VDSLR II” modes – which could get somewhat confusing, although it would explain why a bunch of them seem to be on sale at B&H right now. Price for the new VDSLR Mk 2 lenses in the UK will range from GBP399.99 to GBP639.99. US Prices coming soon.

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