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Outdoor Portrait Posing Cheat Sheet

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If you have ever wondered how to pose your subject for headshots but are stumped at the first hurdle or perhaps you’re photographing someone who is not used to being in front of the camera, then these handy techniques will improve your outdoor portraits.

Using only natural light, Jessica Kobeissi shows you how to make the most of an outdoor portrait shoot. She demonstrates the best go-to poses for your subject in any situation. Sometimes, when working with shy subjects, it’s harder to get natural-looking standing shots because they’re not sure what to do with their hands. This is where Kobeissi’s tips really come into their own, as she offers advice on how to capture more informal portraits so you can avoid your portraits looking rigid and stagnant.

Kobeissi teaches you how important the position of the arms is in portraits, even for headshots that only include the head and shoulders. Rather than having the arms dangling at the subject’s sides, Kobeissi points out that it’s key to think about the angles of their shoulders and how to create flattering lines with their body. Within just a few moments, you pick up a handful of simple and easy-to-implement posing ideas that work with anyone, whether pro, model or family and friends.

It’s great to see Kobeissi’s workflow from posture changes to exposure preferences; we see her approach to shooting portraits outdoors, which provides a little inspiration for those wanting to experiment.

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