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One Perfect Shot Twitter Feed to Become Series, Narrated by Ava DuVernay

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Great news for those into film. One Perfect Shot is set to work with Ava DuVernay and HBO Max to turn the Twitter account into a series.

If mindless video games or apps can get their own multi-million dollar movies, surely it’s not that strange to see an intelligent film critique site get its own show.

If you haven’t found One Perfect Shot, make sure you go and take a look. The Twitter account posts a single shot from a film and provides commentary or links to further commentary about the shot and the director.

The T.V. version of One Perfect Shot will see DuVernay narrate episodes that focus on allowing special guest directors to explain their iconic shots. These filmmakers will discuss the challenges and lessons they learned as they put together their films.

According to HBO, the show will use state of the art technology to

…enter each shot, walking through the scene in 360 moments that allow viewers to join an immersive exploration of movie-making.

Aside from what might be some really interesting technology, each featured director will also discuss the shots from other films that were most inspirational to him or her.

Are there any specific shots or directors you’d like to see featured?

Lead image provided by Sailko under Creative Commons 2.5.

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