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Make Miniature Worlds Out of Food at Home

Home DIY

Camera trickery has been around since cameras were first invented. By using a technique to create a forced perspective, you can make everyday objects appear like they’re part of the much larger world.

Forced perspective can be difficult to get right, but armed with just a few miniature figurines, and some food, Chris Hau makes it look simple. Inspired by an Instagram post by Erin Sullivan, Chris creates small scale scenes that look just like the real thing. With cookies as a rock face, bread acting as a mountain, and sugar as a ski slope, you can follow Hau along with your camera at home to create these mini worlds.

What I love about this video is that Hau gives you specific camera settings and gear choice that make things simple, looking at behind the scenes photos to see how it was all done. He’s even upfront about how much he spends on miniature figurines, and demonstrates how to choose the right ones for each scene.

If you’re trying this at home, you may want to grab a little bit of glue or some Blu Tack to attach the figurines to surfaces, as the subjects you use to create the mini world may not be adhesive enough to keep them in place for extended periods of shooting.

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