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LIMBO: A magazine born in lockdown

The pandemic has suddenly and substantially impacted the arts and creative industries, with the closure of cultural institutions worldwide, the cancellation of exhibitions and events, and the temporary and long-term unemployment of innumerable individuals. In the UK, it was only this month that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a rescue package for the cultural sector.

LIMBO was conceived of in response to this uncertainty — a platform for the art, ideas, and words of creatives locked-down during the pandemic.

The 176-page publication is composed of almost 100 contributor’s work. From art by Wolfgang Tillmans, Collier Schorr, Ed Ruscha, and many others, to an exclusive interview with photographer and filmmaker Tyler Mitchell discussing his lockdown project Night At The Cinema. Plus features, recipes, poems, illustrations, dance lessons, and much, much, much more.

LIMBO was launched by Nick Chapin as a not-for-profit publication: a space for reflection during Covid-19, but also a place to look to the future. All profits from advertising and issue sales will be split between contributors and staff.

“It was one of those things that started as a mad idea and took on a life of its own,” says Chapin, “When my paying work disappeared I started speaking to friends, and found many in the same position. I thought there must be a way to harness the collective energy. I was also genuinely curious about what artists were thinking and making. I thought readers must want to peek inside that creative headspace and support that community.”

Headed by Chapin, LIMBO is edited by Francesca Gavin, with art direction by David Lane, and Anne Bourgeois-Vignon as contributing editor. The project was made possible through a publishing partnership with WePresent and is available here for £14, £9 for out-of-work readers, and £19 for those who want to give more.

Photograph by Jack Davison illustrating an article by Dan Fox, “Gin, Marlene, Gin!” © Jack Davison, courtesy of LIMBO Magazine.
Collage by Julie Verhoeven, from LIMBO Magazine article “Kitsch In Sync” © Julie Verhoeven, courtesy of LIMBO Magazine.
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