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Learn How Manual Mode Works in Five Minutes

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Working in manual mode is a skill every photographer should master to take better creative and technical control of their images. If that is something you struggle with, this great video will get you up and running in just a few minutes. 

Coming to you from Perea Photography, this helpful video will show you how to use manual mode to take a greater degree of control over your images. Many of us start in automatic or semi-automatic modes, and while these can certainly be useful (and a lot of pros still use semi-automatic modes for some of their work), knowing how and when to use manual mode can give you a lot more creative control in addition to being able to mitigate technical issues with your images brought about by scenes that might fool your camera or cause it to prioritize the wrong exposure parameter. Once you learn how to use manual mode and feel comfortable with it, you do not have to use it 100% of the time; in fact, there are situations in which a semi-automatic mode will actually give you a better chance to get the shot, but knowing how to use manual mode will give you a significant tool in your arsenal. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Perea. 

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