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Is Scotch tape the answer to your Canon EOS R5 overheating issues?

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YouTuber J. Marcus Photography has done a video showing a bit of a hack using Scotch tape to reset the overheating timer for the Canon EOS R5.

In the video, you’ll see him put Scotch tape over the area of the battery compartment that tells the Canon EOS R5 that the battery compartment door is closed, except that it isn’t!

While recording, the EOS R5 gives an overheating warning. Instead of shutting the camera down, the battery is removed while the camera is still. The battery is then put back in after 10 seconds and the overheating warning is gone. This tells us that removing the battery that way doesn’t give the camera time to write the thermal information to the mainboard, so everything just resets back to 5 minutes of recording time.

Check out the video above and make your own conclusions.

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