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Is It Possible to Edit the 8K Footage of the EOS R5?

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The 12-bit 8K raw video of the new Canon EOS R5 sounds exciting, but how would you manage to edit an 8K video on a Mac or PC?

8K video has been around for a while, but the announcement of the new Canon EOS R5 will certainly change the things we used to do. We will see more 8K footage around and eventually possibly end up buying 8K televisions and monitors. However, from a creator’s perspective, there is more to consider, as the 8K editing will be more challenging.

In this video, creator Max Yuryev tests the editing performance of the 8K and 4K footage of the Canon EOS R5 using a Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, and a Razer Blade Studio with Windows 10. Using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve, he compares the editing performance of 8K footage on both Mac OS and Windows platforms. Yuryev gets some interesting results when working on clips with different frame rates at different resolutions. Performance on each platform varies considering the effects of different components such as the graphics card and processor, but overall, editing an 8K video might be challenging even with the most high-end editing suites.

What do you think about working with 8K footage? Do you think is it too early for everyday content creators? Let us know in the comments.

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