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Is Eye Autofocus in the New Canon R5 and R6 Better Than Sony?

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Canon’s hot new full-frame cameras, the EOS R5 and EOS R6, are finally falling into the hands of reviewers, and customers are starting to get an idea of how the various features perform. Just how good is the eye autofocus, and has Canon overtaken Sony?

While videographers are getting sweaty about the prospect of the R5 and R6 overheating, stills shooters are more interested in things like buffer clearance, dynamic range, and autofocus performance. Since introducing the EOS R in 2018, Canon has been playing catchup when it comes to eye autofocus, but early impressions are that the R5 and R6 will surpass that of Sony, long regarded as the market leader.

In this short video, Jared Polin puts the R5 and R6 through their paces using one of Canon’s new f/11 super-telephoto primes, using various creatures at what I’m assuming is his local zoo as subjects. Certainly, the blue box dances around very convincingly, but it’s worth checking the raw files that Polin makes available.

Polin isn’t alone in being impressed. In this video (see 14:42), Tony Northrup mentions that the eye AF is “better than Sony, in my limited experience,” which Canon fans will no doubt be excited to hear.

Do you have high expectations for Canon’s autofocus performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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