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How to Remove Noise From Video Audio

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Any video needs it accompanying audio to be clean and with good levels to make a successful final product, but unless you are shooting in a controlled environment, you will often have to deal with issues like background noise or static. If you struggle with editing audio, this great video will show you how to take care of common issues like noise for cleaner audio and better overall videos.

Coming to you from Mike Russell, this helpful video will show you how to use Adobe Audition (part of Creative Cloud) to deal with common video audio track issues like background noise. These are very common issues, and thankfully, modern tools are far more advanced and automated than in older days, and with a bit of basic know-how, it is not overly difficult to take care of most issues. That being said, working with audio is a lot like post-processing videos or images: it is always going to be much easier and give you better results if you have better materials from the start, so be sure to take time during your shoot to make sure you are recording the cleanest audio possible. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Russell.

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