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How to Easily Make a 200 Megapixels Photo With Any Camera

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There is a megapixel race going on in the camera industry but you can rather easily make huge and highly detailed photos with lower megapixel cameras using this simple technique.

In his latest video, Nigel Danson shows how you can make huge and highly detailed photos by simply stitching your photos together. Even though his Nikon Z 7 is a 46 megapixels camera, the final photo can easily exceed 200 megapixels with the same amount of detail his lenses can produce. The technique is simple to follow in the field. Let us say you are standing in front of a scene, which would look good at 24 mm. Instead of photographing it at 24 mm, just zoom in to about 50 mm and take the appropriate amount of photos that you need to cover the given scene. Danson recommends having an overlap between the photos of 30-50% to give your editing software enough information to work with in the process of stitching .

At the start of the video, he shows several different examples to show the different ways you can use this technique. You can use it to create classic panorama photos, but it works just as great for vertical panoramas and panoramas where you have several layers. Relative to the conditions you do not even need a tripod. In many cases, it is much better to not use a tripod as you can shoot faster and make sure the light does not change too much in the process.

As a side-note, you can also use this technique to greatly improve the megapixels and details of your drone photos. Especially drones with only 12 megapixels benefit greatly from this.

Be sure to check out the video above where he shows exactly how he stitch these photos. Is this a technique you have used or something you would consider in the future? Let me know in the comments below.


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