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How to Create Drama in Your Landscapes With Natural Colors

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Sometimes all a shot needs to go from average to good (or beyond) is the right color. This video will teach you how one landscape photographer does it.

Serge Ramelli is one of the more famous landscape photographers on YouTube and he has had a bit of criticism over his use of HDR in the past. I’ll admit, some years back, I thought some of his shots were pushed too far, and perhaps that still occasionally true. But he’s a highly talented guy with a portfolio almost every landscape photographer on the planet would be proud of. It also feels as if recently, he’s started leaning towards the more realistic style of retouching, albeit with strong dramatic colors.

It is drama that he’s addressing in this video. After photographing sunrise over lavender fields in France, he uses post processing to create some beautiful final images that don’t look HDR or heavily stylized at all. In fact, they are nothing short of stunning. I have a lavender field near me that’s famous in England and it’s been on my bucket list for a while. This might just be the push I needed to get out there and shoot it.

How do you use color in your images? Do you aim for what the eye saw, what the camera caught, or beyond both?

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