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Hiking on Your Own for Landscape Photography

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Instead of waiting around for friends, or groups to go out on a photo walk, why not take matters into your own hands and try hiking alone to capture landscapes. After all, without anyone else around you can make the decision on when to shoot, and when to pack up.

In this video about hiking alone for landscape photography, Thomas Heaton heads out on his first real hike for landscape photography since long before lockdown came into effect in the U.K., and he explores the area of Yewbarrow Fell in the Lake District, U.K. As well as making for a relaxing, atmospheric watch, Heaton demonstrates his approach to shooting the expansive view atop the tall fell.

Interestingly, instead of aiming for a wide panoramic of the stunning vista, Heaton hones in on a smaller portion of the landscape in an attempt to capture the essence of the landscape on a smaller scale. We see his approach unfold, changing shooting positions and angles in an attempt to wrangle in the huge scale of the scene in front of him which is both informative and beautiful to watch, simultaneously.

It’s great to be led through shooting the scene after a two hour hike, where we look at the golden light that surrounds the environment. Camera settings and lens choice are both explained thoroughly, and even some post-processing steps are discussed which plays a part in how Heaton composes his photograph while out shooting.


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