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Here’s What You Could Buy for the Price of an Canon EOS R5

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There is no doubt that new Canon EOS R5 camera is an absolute machine and brilliant for content creators. However, there are a heap of other options that you could buy for the same price that would give you far more than just a body.

I have been recently asked by loads of photographers about which new camera they should be buying. So, I did a little research online and found the price of the Canon EOS R5, which got me thinking. How much would it cost to buy all of my camera equipment in use?

After a bit of googling, I found that for the price of a Canon EOS R5, I could buy a full set of lenses and a camera body suitable for high-end commercial work, billboards, point of sale, and some very light video work. In this video, I go over the equipment that you could buy for the same budget and what it would allow you to be able to achieve photographically, from the point of view of a professional commercial photographer.

I did a Canon-to-Canon camera comparison, but these obviously work across various brands like Sony and Nikon too. If we take into account that as a working photographer, you would need to buy a backup camera, then it would also leave you with the budget for a high-specification editing machine, second body (if you don’t already have one), or some high-end lighting. 

What would you buy instead? Or would you go for the Canon EOS R5?

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