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Here Is What You Can Expect From Sony’s New Menu System

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The Sony a7S III is finally here, and with it came a brand new menu system. This great video shows what you can expect from it in practice and if it is easier to use than the old system.

Coming to you from Ted Forbes with The Art of Photography, this video gives an immersive overview of the new menu system introduced in the Sony a7S III. No doubt, the a7S III is exciting in a lot of ways, but for experienced Sony shooters, perhaps one of the most interesting updates is the new menu system. As great as Sony’s cameras are, no doubt, one of the most common complaints about them is the menu system, which is rather difficult to decipher and paradoxically organized. Thankfully, the new menu system improves on the old in quite a few ways, including reorganization and contextual menus for video and stills shooting. There are also improved touchscreen controls. It is not clear at this time if Sony plans to release the menu to older models via firmware upgrades. However, it is sure to appear in any new models released after the a7S III. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Forbes.

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