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From Pinholes to Digital: A Look at the History of Photography

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The history of photography is long and quite storied and something that almost any photographer would enjoy learning about. This great video will give you a look at the history of photography from its beginnings all the way to the modern digital age and is a great watch for your Sunday afternoon.

Coming to you from The Royal Institution, this awesome video details the history of photography, including pinhole cameras, SLRs, the digital age, and much more. In it, Andrew Szydlo shows us some very neat cameras from his collection while discussing how they tie into the history of the subject. Meanwhile, at the end of the video, you can watch Szydlo create a photogram. If you have not seen them before, photograms are made by setting an object on top of light-sensitive material and then exposing the material to light and are sometimes referred to as “camera-less photography.” If you are looking for a fun weekend project to try at home and have the tools and materials to do so, you should definitely make your own photographs. Either way, be sure to check out the video for an interesting look at the history behind this thing we love.

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