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Fotodiox’s new PRONTO adapter lets you autofocus Leica M lenses on your Fuji X cameras

Fotodiox has announced their new Fotodiox Pro PRONTO AF lens adapter that lets you autofocus Leica M lenses on your Fujifilm X mount mirrorless cameras. The adapter was initially announced a little while ago, but it’s just now being made available.

Yes, Leica M lenses are manual focus lenses, but this adapter adds autofocus capability for other camera systems. This isn’t Fotodiox’s first Leica M autofocus adapter, having previously released one for Sony, but this one now lets you use them with Fuji, too.

Add autofocus to your Leica M lenses
A manual lens needs to be focused manually; Think again! The Fotodiox Pro PRONTO adapter brings autofocus to your Leica M-mount lenses. If you want to automatically focus your M-mount lenses on your Fuji X-mount camera just attach it to the PRONTO adapter. For general use, it is recommended that the lens be set to infinity focus allowing autofocus within the entire focusing range of the lens. Half-press the shutter button to activate AF and the PRONTO adapter will focus your lens just like any other AF lens. Performance is optimal with 50mm and wider lenses. Telephoto optics may require coarse manual focusing before use of the adapter for fine tuning via autofocus.

The PRONTO adapter, Fotodiox says, relies on the phase detection sensors of your camera and does not support contrast detection autofocus, so it’s only going to work in cameras and modes that utilise phase detection autofocus.

Fotodiox also says that the adapter can help with close focusing situations, by letting you utilise the PRONTO adapter as a 4.5mm extension tube. This isn’t a massive amount, although there’s nothing to stop you mounting extension tubes on it, or other adapters to let you use lenses from different systems as well – with autofocus.

The Fotodiox Pro PRONTO AF adapter for Leica M to Fuji X is available to buy now for $349 and is expected to start shipping mid-September.

[via Fuji Addict]

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