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Esteemed Filmmaker Gives a Comprehensive Review of the a7S III

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The camera many videographers were waiting for has landed in the hands of many reviewers, but not all of them are veteran filmmakers who will look to use it in a production capacity. Here’s what Philip Bloom has to say about it.

If you’re not familiar with Philip Bloom, he’s a filmmaker, DP, and director, has had highly acclaimed and award winning documentaries, as well as working on projects for almost every major broadcaster on the planet. He’s a master of his craft and his YouTube channel flies a little under the radar strangely. He is a font of knowledge on filmmaking and videography, and his reviews of cameras are usually more in depth than most, as well as from the vantage point of somebody who creates high end productions, not just YouTube b-roll.

This video takes place over the course of a month and took 10 days to edit together, which is why it’s a little behind the curve on timeline, but substantially ahead of the curve with how thorough it is. A lot of this review is on areas that haven’t been covered else where that I’ve seen, or at least not as carefully, and the a7S III performs very well indeed. The slow motion section really demonstrates just how beautiful you can get your shots to look too.

What are your thoughts on the a7S III? Are you going to get one? Did this review help at all?

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