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Do You Have a Bucket List Photo?

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Do you have a bucket list shot — a photo that you have always wanted to take? This great video follows a photographer as he gets to take a shot on his own personal bucket list.

Coming to you from Serge Ramelli Photography, this awesome video follows him as he visits his photography bucket list location, the lavender fields in France. These lavender fields are often popular with landscape photographers, as their vivid colors and repeating patterns can be quite entrancing. My personal bucket list location has always been Tumpak Sewu Waterfall (Coban Sewu). It is a tiered waterfall located near the Ampelgading District, Malang Regency, in East Java, Indonesia. While it is particularly beautiful on its own, what makes it truly jaw-dropping is the fact that Semeru, an active volcano (also the highest mountain in Java), sits behind the waterfall, making for such an otherworldly view that it does not even seem real when you look at it. It is neat to watch Ramelli photograph his special location; check out the video above to see the full rundown, and be sure to share your bucket list location in the comments along with the story of photographing it!

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