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D or Z – That IS the Question

Ever since I posted my D6 1st Thoughts video, I’ve had lots of great conversations with photographers with a common theme. “Do I buy the D6 of Z6/Z7?” This is not the first time in photographic history photographers have wondered which model to buy, but now the “difference” seems on the surface, much greater. I always smile when folks ask me this though since I own all three bodies. I can see where it might make sense to ask someone who does shoot with them all. But then, someone who owns all three might not have the answer for himself 🙂

FWIW, Here’s how it breaks down for my own photography. The D6 is my primary body, replacing the D5 (which I still own and use as a back up for the D6). The D6 is my go to for critters and aircraft doing an obsolutely splendid job in that role. The Z7 is my go to for aircraft static shooting and landscapes. The Z6 fills in perfectly many holes and is my go to when I’m doing video or flash work. With the new Z24-200 on the Z6, I will be using it more in air-to-air work and fly fishing. How does any of this help you?

It very well might not help you one iota! Being in the business of producing content, I have to have tools that, if you’re not in the biz you not only don’t have to have but can’t justify having. I understand that so this is my $.02 worth in selecting just the one body. You have to ask yourself just two questions, what is the biggest passion in your photography and what are you going to do with those photographs after you’re all done? Honestly answering those two questions will narrow down the RIGHT body for you real fast! This means you can’t consider the body you WANT or the one you think permits you to keep up with the Jones. I’m very fortunate to have the tools I need to push my visual storytelling further. You’re just as fortunate, you’ve just gotta consider a few more things narrowing down what is right for yours!

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