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Creativity has never been more important. Art, creative expression, and creative solutions are required to create our future, and the world we want to live in. This is session a 6-week mentoring series on CreativeLive to put our creativity into action. Though this series is based on the IDEA framework in my book, Creative Calling, you don’t need to have the book to participate. Some topics we will explore in this series: why creativity, why now the creative mindset and how to de-program messages that are not serving us making time and space to create developing resilience and courage to share work finding and building a community to support and champion you This might be your most creative time- or it might not. Maybe it’s about reinvention, or maybe it’s just about getting out of bed and dealing with the day. No matter where you are along the process, together we can keep going. We’ll start from wherever you are. Let’s cultivate a life that resonates, that feeds your soul, and brings you joy. I’ve linked the first session of the series above. If you’d like to watch the rest, it’s free on CreativeLive at Listen to the Podcasts […]

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