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Capture One Webinar: Impossible Pictures

Ok, it’s a mildly hyperbolic title, but hopefully conveys the notion we’ll be discussing tough to shoot, complex scenarios, done as completely as possible in the camera, and then polished in post-production. I’ll be teaming once again with David Grover, who is a wonderful teacher, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about Capture One Pro. It’s been a remarkable window that has opened for me in this process, learning the intuitive paths of post with Capture One. I will never be a professional retoucher, nor do I aspire to be, but the quick, understandable tools the program offers assures me that I can take a decently shot image and fuss with it reasonably, on my own. In other words, make it publish ready, which doesn’t sound like a big deal I’m sure to many photogs out there, but to one who has always been daunted by the world of editing photos it well and truly is.

A for instance would have been this summer at the Tokyo Games. At an Olympics, you shoot all day, and edit all night, basically, for three weeks plus. Capture One would have been my partner at the Games. Now, during this at home time, it’s been enormously helpful in the efforts we have made to go through my archive.

How do you go from this, to a sketch, to a finished shot?

So, this Wednesday, at noon, EDT, David and I will kick things off. Questions will be fielded, and the path to a number of complex assignments will be under discussion, and I’ll talk about the thought process, show sketches, BTS images, and then final approach to the shot. Should be a lively session as I am unafraid of discussing, and showing, frankly, what went right and what went wrong. (And lots of stuff goes wrong on these gigs.)

So, see you there! Wednesday, Aug. 26th, noon, EDT. Free! 

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