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Brilliant Nike Ad Combines Archival Footage Into a Seamless Montage

If you spent any time on social media yesterday, you probably ran across the latest Nike ad titled “You Can’t Stop Us.” The brilliant bit of video editing was put together entirely from archival footage, combining multiple frames into a seamless montage that’s dropping jaws left and right.

Each shot in the video is made up of two different bits of footage, which have been stitched together down the middle to create a continuous shot. It’s visually arresting, grabbing hold of you and refusing to let go while simultaneously sending the symbolic message that “we are never alone.”

Here are just a few screenshots showing some of the impressive edits from the video:

Check out the full ad up top for a dose of inspiration. Whether you’re a sports fan, a filmmaker, or just a fan of high-quality video editing, you’ll appreciate what Nike was able to achieve with this latest bit of marketing.

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