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At Home Course with Nikon School UK!

Beauty is everywhere, and as photogs, it’s one of our principal jobs to find it. In a face, or a place. On a cliffside, overlooking a vista, in a boardroom on a grinding corporate assignment. Find something beautiful. Find a way to show someone, somehow, something different that often lies hidden in the humdrum. Create a beautiful image of someone who distinctly does not think they are beautiful and actively fears that spot in front of the camera.

That’s the subject matter at hand in our upcoming two-hour seminar. Happy to be working with the folks at Nikon School UK again Friday August 28th (15:00-17:00 UK time) with another online two-hour seminar: Finding Beauty.

Find beauty in a fashion model’s face. (Not so hard.) Find the rugged beauty and nobility of a coal miner’s face. Of an older person, of a kid. Of your average Joe. Or the grandmother of the year, for a feature in the local paper.

Shot the below image in an LA studio in January before lockdown with the Nikkor Z 58mm Noct lens and the Nikon Z 7 which is crazy sharp and has a razor thin depth of field – which I love. Beauty at 0.95!

Beauty on the street! Lastolite Pro Strip softboxes at night in London.

Beauty in an old ball player. One big light source many years ago.

Beauty everywhere, waiting to be found. With the right eye, heart, lens and light. We’ll talk about it, Friday August 28th (15:00-17:00 UK time). Questions will be welcome.

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