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Are You Making Time for Photography?

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Whether you are an amateur or a professional (surprisingly), it can be difficult to actually find time to just photograph things for yourself. If that is something you struggle with, this great video will help you get on the right track to get more time behind the camera. 

Coming to you from aows, this excellent video discusses how you can make more time for photography. No doubt, whether you are an amateur or a professional, finding time to get behind the camera and simply create for your own edification and satisfaction can be really tough, but at the same time, it is a really important thing to do. One great tip that I really appreciate is the importance of embracing boredom as an opportunity to pick up the camera. I know I am certainly guilty of missing a lot of chances to grab my camera and head out for an hour because I rewatched a couple of episodes of The Office instead. But consistent practice is absolutely crucial to becoming a better photographer, and I have learned to always carry a pocket camera with me so I at least get some work in every day. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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