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An Initial Review of the Leica M10-R

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The Leica M10-R is soon to be released and boasts impressive camera features. This video review from a predominantly film photographer offers a unique perspective on a full frame, mirrorless rangefinder camera that promises to satisfy even the strictest of photographer’s specifications. 

In this video, Matt Day offers an initial review of Leica’s newest camera, the M10-R, an impressive 40 MP full frame rangefinder. This camera is a welcome edition to Leica’s digital lineup. Day does not try use this new camera in an astrophotography setting but demonstrates the low-light capability, which seems quite impressive and makes me wonder just how capable it may be for astrophotography. 

Would I get one? No. I cannot fathom spending that kind of money on a full frame camera (north of $8,000). I do like and appreciate that it utilizes the M-mount, which allows for a seamless transition between film and digital for Leica photographers. I look forward to the M10-R coming out officially and more reviews; I’m particularly looking forward to reviews that compare it to other mirrorless cameras, which can also easily utilize all manual lenses. 

Do you have any experience with any of the Leica mirrorless rangefinder cameras? What were your thoughts?

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