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A Comparison of Overheating in the Canon R5 and Sony a7S III

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The Canon EOS R5, R6, and Sony a7S III are new to the scene and have generated a lot of buzz, but there have also been concerns about overheating issues, particularly with the Canon cameras. This great video compares the EOS R5 to the a7S III when it comes to overheating and shows what you can expect in real-world usage.

Coming to you from Dan Watson, this helpful video compares the Canon EOS R5 to the Sony a7S III when it comes to overheating. There has been quite a bit of concern about this issue with Canon’s new cameras, but it turns out that the issue is not that clear cut. Surprisingly, while Sony outperforms the Canon indoors, things change a bit outside, with the R5 actually managing to outperform the Sony in the sun. Some third party solutions have started to emerge, as well as a patent by Canon that shows an EF-to-RF adapter with a built-in cooling system, but for the time being, it is important for any filmmakers or videographers to carefully evaluate their workflow and needs when considering which camera to purchase. Check out the video above for Watson’s full thoughts.

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