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A Bizarre $20 Action Cam and Phone Accessory That Creates Some Unique Shots

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With mobile phone and action cameras so prevalent today for both content creators and amateurs alike, everybody is looking for anything that can give them a unique angle, shot, or a little edge. This might be one of the cheapest ways.

Despite how much photography and videography I do in recent times, my experience with action cams like a GoPro is limited. Really my only substantial use was when I strapped a friend’s GoPro Hero 7 Black to my helmet when we treked the the top of a mountain to snowboard down at sunset after everybody had left. That pretty much sold me on how much fun these cameras can be. This, in conjunction with the many photographers attaching them to their hot shoe during shoots for some first person point of view behind the scenes footage, has me wanting to buy one.

In this video, Potato Jet tries out a new accessory which is not only very cheap, it’s capable of providing some pretty interesting shots! If you pair this with some slow motion, the effect it creates is superb. I must admit, I’d love to try this my Google Pixel 3 XL’s 240 fps slow motion mode, though I fear 720p might not be high enough resolution to get the most out of this little accessory. Also, like Potato Jet, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about swirling my phone around!

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