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Why you should try The Rabbit Approach for landscape photography

I am hopelessly pragmatic. I feel this the most when I am out with the camera and conditions are very favorable. My approach then is to shoot as many compositions as possible in shortest possible time. Depending on my mood, this may result in fits of anger when I turn a camera wheel in the wrong direction, or when the tripod legs won’t extend as fast as I desire.

I am trying to point out that I am all over the place when mother nature smiles at me,…..the rabbit approach.

I know that many others like to take it slowly at a scene and repeatedly shoot the same composition until they feel they have nailed it. For me such an approach would lead to a heart attack.

My friend, Carl, and I visited Jotunheimen in July 2019. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Light and colors were outstanding. I entered the rabbit approach mode. How much can you make out of a location in that modus operandi?

I started where the river made a nice curve:

Iso 100, f22/f11, 1/6 sec and 1/20 sec, 24mm

Then I turned 90 degrees to the side:

iso 100, f11/f22, 1/8 sec and 1/60 sec, 35mm. Mountain is 60mm.

For the sake of variation I also shot a vertical:

iso 100, f22, 1/8 sec, 55mm

Carl and I hurried up the steep slope and half-ran across some rocky terrain until we arrived here:

iso 100, f13, 1/15 sec, 27mm

The river from a lake behind that mountain widened at this spot producing perfect reflections.

A fifty-meter sprint offered this composition:

iso 100, f11, 1/10 sec, 15mm

As a variation, I also shot it at 30mm:

iso 100, f11, 1/8 sec, 30mm

Now ensued yet another fifty-meter sprint back to where I was when we arrived at the river. I shot a few verticals with various foregrounds:

iso 100, f11, 1/15 sec, 30mm

iso 100, f11, 1/6 sec, 20mm

A few low perspective shots of the river followed next:

iso 100, f11, 0.5 sec, 24mm

It was around midnight when we made a stop here while trekking back to the car:

iso 100, f11, 0.7 sec, 26mm

iso 100, f11, 0.7 sec, 26mm

I am inclined to claim that The Rabbit Approach may yield a very decent crop. What do you think; Do you sometimes feel like a rabbit?

The images are shot with the Pentax K-1, Pentax 15-30, and Pentax 24-70. Up by the river’s widening, I also used the Nisi S5 with a CPL and the Nisi Medium filter.