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Watch a radio tower camera filming as wildfire engulfs it

Wildfires have been raging in the West Coast of the US for over a month now. Oregon Department of Transportation recently shared a video captured with one of their radio tower cameras. It shows not only how fast the fire spreads, but the destruction of the camera itself was caught in the footage.

The video was filmed on 8 September 2020 near Detroit, OR. It shows Beachie Creek Fire, one of the major wildfires raging in Oregon. At the time of writing this, the fire is still raging and it has been contained 62%. So far, this fire alone has scorched almost 200,000 acres.

This video reminded me of those cases when a GoPro, a drone or a mirrorless camera got engulfed in lava. But knowing the damage these wildfires have left behind, I find this video way more devastating to watch.

[via PetaPixel]