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Uber-Style Photo App Snappr Lets You Book Photographers in Real-Time

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After landing $10 million in Series A funds, a new app has launched which allows users to hire photographers using an Uber-style system. Initially based in cities and metropolitan areas, a photographer can be booked only hours ahead of when you need them, with some available for hire for as little as $89 each session.

There have been rumors of such apps for a number of years, but it now seems that after guaranteeing the financial backing needed, Snappr is set to go ahead. As per Crunchbase, the company now has a total investment of $13 million. The company is planning to expand further into new cities in which it doesn’t currently operate, and in the future intends to branch into video and virtual tours.

The app currently offers users everything from portrait photographers to real estate shoots.

Speaking of the app to Crunchbase, Snappr CEO Matt Schiller said:

With some of the enterprise clients, we work across hundreds of markets at one time, so there is no way one photographer would get that kind of work alone.

The company is reporting steady growth, with a prediction of between 15% and 20% each month. A total of 12% of US restaurants use the app.

What are your thoughts? Is it a gimmick, or the way forward for the photo industry in the fast-paced lives of those who live in a city?

Lead image by Benjamin Sow via Unsplash.

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