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Stop letting fear hold back your creativity, ambitions and abilities

Filmmaker Daniel Sean Campbell is relatively new to YouTube, having only started posting regularly to the platform a couple of months ago. He wanted to start posting content a long time ago, but you know what stopped him? Yeah, that’s right, it was fear.

Fear is something that all creatives face at some point during our journey, and will likely always feel whenever we want to try something new. In this video, Daniel talks about overcoming your fear, why many of those fears are unfounded and why you’ll never improve and succeed at trying anything new if you don’t push yourself past that barrier.

Getting over fear is one of the biggest challenges for any creative. You make something, you want to put it out there and… What if people hate it? What if people laugh at you? What if it upsets people? Or worse, what if nothing happens at all? Like, literally nobody ever even sees it and you’re just throwing it out there into the void?

The main thing is that you at least try – especially if it’s something new to you. If you don’t make those first steps, then you’ll never get to the point where you’re no longer afraid of that thing and you’re actually starting to learn, grow your abilities and evolve your technique to something that makes it yours and allows you to stand out from everybody else.

The fear doesn’t ever go away. It will always be there. In fact, it’ll probably get worse over time. As your abilities do increase and your ambitions grow bigger and grander, the potential risk and reward will also grow larger. No matter how used to fear you get, the stakes get higher each time so that fear is always there. Learning how to tackle and get over that fear early on in your journey really is kind of a big deal if you want to push yourself.

Those terrible things we think could happen almost never do actually happen anyway.

What is fear stopping you from doing right now?