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Commuter train hilariously photobombs Hogwarts Express for dozens of Harry Potter fans

Has it ever happened to you to eagerly wait for the perfect moment to capture only to have it photobombed? This is exactly what happened to dozens of Harry Potter fans this Monday. They were anxiously waiting for the Hogwarts Express steam train to pass through a station, having their cameras prepared – only to have their shots photobombed by a local commuter train. Hilarious for some and disappointing for others, the moment was captured in a video by one of the observers.

According to Caters, the video was captured by Ross Gilmour, who came to Drumry Train station in Clydebank with his family. Along with his wife and two youngest children, he wanted to witness the iconic Hogwarts Express steam train as it passed through the station. But alas, even the magic wasn’t enough to prevent the delay, and the famous train arrived at the station late – just in time to get perfectly photobombed by another train.

In the video, you can see dozens of Harry Potter fans with their phones prepared… And then you can see as the two trains pass through the station at exactly the same time and at the same pace, only in opposite direction. I can imagine the disappointment, especially with the youngest observers… But hey, as one of the commenters on YouTube points out, maybe the Hogwarts Express doesn’t want to be seen by Muggles.

[via PetaPixel]