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Montana Skies – Shooting The West … a New Class

Oh man, was this ever fun to produce and Sharon & I are very excited to share with you our new class from KelbyOne, Montana Big Skies – Shooting The West! The vast expanse that is Montana is the perfect place to explore with your camera. But just how do you go about doing that if you’ve never been there before? You want to capture those big skies, vast lands, and western heritage that is still alive, but how? That’s what this new class is all about and so much more!

I’m asked over and over again how do I plan a photo adventure to a locale I’ve never been to before? Sharon and I went on a road trip to a locale we had never been to before and that entire process is in the class. What was my inspiration to go to the middle of nowhere? Evelyn Cameron, an amazing photographer from 1900 whose images drew me to this area. Don’t know who this western pioneer, pioneering photographer is, join us. Want to see how I plan a trip, from travel and logistics to gear and techniques in post? Come and check it out! It’s all here and we’re very excited to share it with you just as Evelyn has with all of us.