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This DIY kit wants to be the Lego of motion control

If you’d like to add some movement to your videos, there are plenty of ways to do it (including plenty of DIY methods). But here’s a very interesting kit that will add movement not only to your camera but also to your subjects. RGKit Play is kinda like Lego of motion control, and it seems both useful and very fun to play with. So let’s check it out and see what it offers.

RGKit Play is a modular wireless motion control kit. It packs motors, various accessories, light controllers, and sensors – and everything is controlled with a phone app. Here’s what you get in the basic pack:

  • Rotator
  • Rotator Mounting
  • Connector
  • Arm
  • Arm Extension
  • Pulley
  • Disc
  • Clamp
  • Universal power supply

RGKit Play lets you move both your camera and your subject, and you can synchronize their movements. Of course, you can use the rig for all sorts of videos: food and beverage commercials, stop motion, different kinds of b-roll… These are only some of the things that popped to my mind. It reminds me of professional rigs used for food videos, only it’s simpler and certainly cheaper. In the kit, you also get a book of ideas and the corresponding phone app that lets you control the rig.

Here are a couple of examples:

RGKit Play is available on Kickstarter and it has already surpassed the $ 50,000 funding goal with 37 days left to go. The early bird price is $190 and it will retail at $260. If you pledge now, you can expect it to start shipping in June 2021. So, head over to Kickstarter to see more details and examples of what you can do with this interesting product.