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The Force is strong with this Mandalorian Polaroid camera

The Star Wars universe has inspired lots of photographers and filmmakers, but now it has inspired a camera design, too. Polaroid has jumped on a bandwagon and presented a new camera inspired by The Mandalorian. I’d say it’s just in time, as the second season of Disney’s TV series starts airing in October. But other than the appealing design, let’s see what else the new Polaroid Now camera offers.

Polaroid Now is an i-Type instant camera that has evolved from the original Polaroid OneStep cameras of the ’70s, according to the manufacturer. However, it gives you a bit more creative control and, well, The Mandalorian-themed design.

When it comes to the specs, this edition differs from the regular Polaroid Now only in terms of the design. The camera features the autofocus two-lens system which chooses the best lens for the shot. There’s also double exposure mode, as well as self-timer. The flash has been redesigned to be more “human-friendly,” as Polaroid claims, making people’s skin look more natural. It uses i-Type film and packs a rechargeable battery. Here are the specs:

So, if The Mandalorian-themed Polaroid Now doesn’t have different specs from the regular one, does that mean the price is the same, too? Well, they’re not. But the price difference isn’t huge. The Mandalorian Polaroid is a limited-edition camera and you’ll pay a bit more for it. Because this is the way with limited edition stuff. For comparison, the Polaroid Now in one of its seven regular colors costs $100, whereas The Mandalorian version will set you back $120. I don’t know about you, but I love the show and I’m just childish enough to pay $20 more for The Mandalorian version of the camera. But that’s me.

The collection also offers i-Type film for $18, a camera & film bundle for $170, and Polaroid Lab & film bundle for $180 – all with the same theme.