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NWS Instruments announces pricing for their 23mm f/3.5 APO and 110mm f/3.2 APO lenses

The Swiss company NWS Instruments announced the pricing of their 23mm f/3.5 APO and 110mm f/3.2 APO medium format lenses with Hasselblad V-mount (previously reported here):

LENZBURG, Switzerland – After several years of intense development, prototype validation and series-production preparation, NWS Instruments AG is pleased to announce the following direct-to-customer export pricing1 2 3 for currently planned instruments for each of the years 2020 to 2022.

Pricing 2020 – 2022

For Full Payment Received in




Akrobat™ 1x

1.250,- CHF

1.375,- CHF

Akrobat™ 4x

2.000,- CHF

2.500,- CHF

23mm f/3,5 APO

5.500,- CHF

6.000,- CHF

6.500,- CHF

110mm f/3,2 APO

3.500,- CHF

3.850,- CHF

4.250,- CHF

23mm APO + 110mm APO Set

8.000,- CHF

8.750,- CHF

9.500,- CHF