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How I Organize My Camera Gear and Studio

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It all starts off nice and simple, a couple of cameras and lenses, then things slowly get out of hand. There are thousands of small parts that make up a commercial studio, and keeping on top of it all often seems like an impossible task.

When I started out, I had a Bronica EQRsi, a 75mm lens, and a bag of film. Then, my uncle kindly lent me his crop sensor SLR camera, and after that, I purchased the first my first full frame body and a few Canon L lenses, and I was kind of happy carrying it around in a small bag. Over the next few years, a few more backup bodies arrived, and then, more lenses, lights, stands, modifiers, and triggers arrived, and I was up to two bags. Before I knew it, I was moving into a studio space, and from that point forward, trucks became a requirement for jobs to pack all of the gear into them.

Granted, not everyone wants to go down the commercial photography route, but for those who do, you will find that you quickly end up with so many tiny bits of kit that it is hard to keep track of all of them and to make working easy. With every job needing something slightly different, being organized is key.

In this video, I go over my method for packing bags and storing gear, from what I put into which case or bag through to how I label my plugs and sockets. 

How do you organize your camera gear to make working as easy and fast as possible?

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