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Canon Exec Says ‘We Don’t Cripple Our Cameras’

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In a recent interview, one of Canon’s directors has said that the suggestion that Canon cripples its cameras in order to protect other product lines is a conspiracy theory and that doing so would make no commercial sense.

Speaking to CineD, Katsuyuki Nagai, Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe, answered questions about Canon’s recent releases, the EOS R5 and R6, and made it clear that theories that Canon deliberately limits features on its DSLR and MILC cameras in order to protect its cinema cameras have no foundation.

CineD was bold in its questioning, mentioning that Canon has been accused of undermining the trust of its customers as a result of limiting specific features. Nagai was unequivocal:

This is an accusation we’ve seen before which belongs on the conspiracy theory pile. It is simply not a sensible business idea as users are more likely to switch to competitor systems than buy a much more expensive camera to get a certain feature.

The interview comes just after LensRentals published the results of its teardown of the R5 which concluded that the R5 does not dissipate heat very effectively, probably in part thanks to the level of weather sealing. This ties in with Nagai’s comments that the design of the R5 and R6 is careful to avoid risking “low temperature burns” to users as a result of holding the cameras for extended periods of time.

Are we any closer to knowing what’s happening with heat levels in the R5? Would Canon deliberately crippling its cameras make no commercial sense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.